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BibleMax English Standard Version Bible 1.0

BibleMax Standard gives you a very literal and precise translation of the Bible
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The BibleMax Standard gives you a lot of important information about the Bible. The English Standard Version gives you a very literal and precise translation. The BibleMax software has everything that you would need to learn about the Bible. There are translations, maps, commentaries from experts, references to look up and dictionaries all included in the program. All the information is laid out in an organized fashion and arranged so that you can quickly find it.

You can also customize the screen and have the layout so that it is more suitable for you. The screen has a search field and you can choose between the simple and advanced search options. For every word you search you will get a list of references. You can also add more resources with the built-in download tool.

The English Standard Version in BibleMax is a precise word for word translation of the original book. Although the translation is literal, the translation is still readable and correct, because grammar, syntax and idioms are kept in mind while translating. The BibleMax English Standard Version is an accurate translation and you will read a version that directly corresponds to the original Bible writings.

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